This Constitution applies to the joint functions and activities of The Republic, under the provisions of the Federation Agreement of 1997, and independent of the Rules of other States in relation to matters outside the scope of the Federation Agreement. Nothing in this Constitution shall contravene the provisions of the Trust Deeds dated respectively 6th April, 1965 and 6th April, 1997 referred to in the said Federation Agreement, or Charter, Statutes and Regulations for management of The Republic.

I Name

A. The Republic being an independent State shall be called "The Republic".

II Objects

A. The objects of The Republic shall be:

  1. to promote social intercourse amongst Citizens and throughout The Republic;
  2. to provide for the intellectual, cultural and physical well being of Citizens;
  3. to provide for the representation of the concerted opinion of the Citizens on matters relating to the government of The Republic in which the Citizens have a legitimate interest;
  4. to provide for the representation of Citizens in International organisations, and to foster good relationships with other independent States;
  5. to foster and encourage the freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association amongst Citizens of The Republic; to uphold the principle of peaceful demonstrations; to oppose the use of violence in a free and democratic country as a means of political expression;
  6. to further the interests of the Citizens generally;
  7. to provide equality of opportunity for all its Citizens in accordance with the will and demands of the Citizens

B. The Republic shall be independent of any political party or religious body.

III Citizenship

A. All willing individuals shall automatically be Citizens of The Republic.

B. Citizens who do not wish to be Citizens may rescind citizenship according to the procedures set out in III (A).

IV Citizenship: Rights

Every Citizen of The Republic shall be entitled to the following rights:

  1. to use the resources of The Republic in accordance with laws approved by The Republic Council;
  2. to attend and bring aliens (All aliens can become Citizens in accordance with III A) to The Republic in accordance with regulations approved by The Republic Council;
  3. to membership of any or all sections of The Republic subject to their regulations;

B. In addition only those Citizens who are Citizens of The Republic shall be entitled:

  1. to represent The Republic if selected by the appropriate authority;
  2. to serve as officers or in leadership roles in any or all sections of The Republic subject to their regulations;
  3. to participate in The Republic General Meetings, to vote in elections or to seek office in The Republic or any of its Sections, subject to the Standing Orders;
  4. to membership privileges of the United Nations in respect of the capitation fee paid by The Republic.

V Discipline

A. Any Citizen whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the reputation or administration of The Republic may be disciplined by The Republic Council or by a Special Discipline Committee convened by The Republic Council subject to the right of appeal a General Meeting.

VI Government of The Republic

The Republic and its officers shall at all times act within the Republic General Law and this Constitution.

VII Government: Referenda

A. Subject to the provisions of the Constitution and of the appropriate Standing Orders, a Referendum shall override decisions of the Judiciary, The Republic Council or any Republic Committee.

B. A referendum may consider any matter that is raised for Referenda. The notice of a referendum shall be given as and when required.

VII Government: The Republic Council

A. The Republic Council shall be the policy making body of The Republic and shall be responsible for the formulation of Republic policy, except when policy is determined by Referendum or General Meeting as outlined in this constitution. The Republic Council shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of The Republic, save those required to be exercised by a General Meeting or Referendum, or in some other manner under the terms of the Federation Agreement.

B. Decisions made at Council override those made at any Republic Section subject to the standing orders for Council. In an emergency, in the event of The Republic Council not being readily available, the Executive shall exercise plenary powers subject to report to The Republic Council. Before exercising such plenary powers a Citizen of the Executive shall so far as practicable consult the other Citizens of the Executive.

C. Council shall consist of the following Citizens:

  1. the Executive as elected by The Republic, functioning in accordance with powers as given by The Republic to the Executive;
  2. General Secretary as elected and empowered by The Republic
  3. Officers, as outlined by, and as elected in such a manner as The Republic may determine.

  4. Two Treasurers, appointed by The Republic Council, whose duties shall be defined by The Republic provided that at least one of the Treasurers shall normally be a Citizen of The Republic.

D. All members of The Republic Council must be Citizens of The Republic except for a Treasurer as laid down in VIII 6. Members of Council may hold more than one of these positions at a time. Any member may stand for election to a post at the end of their term of office or on any subsequent occasion.

IX Government: General Meetings

A. Decisions made at an Annual or Emergency General Meeting shall override those made at The Republic Council or any Republic Committee subject to the standing orders for General Meetings.

B. A General Meeting may consider any matter, that is raised correctly according to the Standing Orders for General Meetings. Standing Orders shall be agreed during the General Meeting. The quorum for General Meetings shall be as agreed during the General Meeting. as laid out in the Standing Orders for General Meetings. Notice and procedure for General Meetings shall be in accordance with the Standing Orders for General Meetings.

X Government: Sectional Meetings

A. A Sectional meeting may be called to deal with matters affecting them differently. The quorum for a Sectional Meeting shall be as agreed during the Sectional meeting.

XI Government: Executive

A. The Executive shall consist of the Citizens of The Republic designated in VIII.C.1. The Executive shall function as a means of continuity and co-ordination between The Republic Council meetings.

B. A member of the Executive may be removed from office if a vote of no confidence is passed in accordance with the Standing Orders in force at the time of their election.

XII Government: The Republic Committees

A. The Republic Council may appoint Standing Committees to which may be delegated responsibility for any aspect of the activities of The Republic.

B. In addition any committee of The Republic may appoint working parties or sub-committees to which may be delegated any aspect of work of the Committee in question.

XIII Government: Standing Orders

A. Republic activities shall be regulated by the Standing Orders framed in conformity with The Republic Constitution.

B. The Republic Council, a General Meeting or a Referendum may by Special Resolution make, rescind or amend the Standing Orders. Individual Standing Orders may be suspended at the wishes of a Citizen of those present and voting at The Republic Council or a General Meeting.

XIV Elections

A. The years of office for members of Council shall be as laid out in the Standing Orders.

B. Republic General Elections shall take place if and when decided by a General Meeting and by-elections as vacancies require. Powers of organisation and discipline of Republic elections shall be vested in the Election Committee and shall be exercised in accordance with the Standing Orders for Elections, provided that any action by Elections Committee in a matter of discipline shall be reported to The Republic Council and may be varied or rescinded by a Special Resolution of The Republic Council.

C. Elections to offices shall be by a secret ballot in which all Republic Citizens are eligible to vote.

XV Sections and Affiliates of The Republic

A. Sections of The Republic shall be those Sections which are answerable to The Republic Council and whose finances and activities are administered by The Republic. The Republic Council may by Special Resolution admit or exclude such Sections, taking into account the recommendations of Citizens.

B. Affiliates of the Republic shall be those recognised by, but not financially maintained by The Republic. Recognition or exclusion of such Affiliates shall follow a decision of The Republic Council.

C. The Guidelines of a Section or Affiliate shall require the approval of a General Meeting , which shall ensure that all such guidelines comply with The Republic's Constitution and Standing Orders. Any changes to guidelines may, at the discretion of the Section or Affiliate be submitted to a General Meeting to be verified by the General Meeting, who shall ensure that the proposed changes are accepted by the General Meeting.

XVI Finance

A. Financial year

The Republic financial year shall be from April 6 to April 5 following.

B. Estimates
  1. Estimates for the forthcoming financial year and revised estimates for the current financial year shall be submitted by The Republic Finance Committee to The Republic Council for presentation to the Citizens, in such form, with such explanations, and at such time as shall be agreed between the Citizens and The Republic.
  2. Detailed allocations within the estimates so submitted shall include such sums as may in the view of The Republic, confirmed by the Citizenry, be required for the activities of The Republic, the amortisation of debt, the replacement of assets and to meet any other long-term commitments.

C. Income
The financial income of The Republic shall include all monies acquired by The Republic

D. Expenditure
  1. The expenditure of The Republic shall be in accordance with the Objects of The Republic as specified in Clause II, and in conformity with the purposes for which monies are acquired by the Republic and approved by the College Council, subject, in this latter respect, to a reasonable tolerance to be agreed from time to time with the Republic Council.

E. Auditors and Accounts
  1. The annual account of The Republic shall be prepared in such forms as may be agreed from time to time by the Citizens and shall be audited by professional auditors duly appointed by The Republic with the approval of the Citizens. The audited accounts, a report by The Republic thereon and the auditors report shall be submitted to The Republic Council and sent to the Citizens at such a time as may be required by the Citizen.

F. Financial Regulations
  1. The Republic shall make regulations for the control and management of The Republic finances.

XVII Affiliation to Other Nations

A. The Republic may affiliate to any religious, political or other sectarian Nation.

XVIII Amendments and Alterations

A. The Constitution may be added to, amended, or rescinded by a Special Resolution of a General Meeting subject to ratification by a Special Resolution at the following General Meeting.

B. Any alterations made by a General Meeting shall be subsequently reported to the Citizens.

XIX Rider 'R'

A. Provided that no alteration or addition to this Constitution or Standing Orders which affects or varies the rights or privileges of the Citizens of The Republic without similarly affecting or varying the rights or privileges of the Citizens of The Republic or which otherwise will have the effect of creating any material distinctive between the rights or duties of the Citizens shall be effective without written consent of two-thirds of the total Citizens of The Republic or the sanction of a resolution passed at a separate meeting of the Citizens of The Republic convened and held in accordance with the Law by a majority of no less than two-thirds of the Citizens present and voting in each of such separate meetings. In the event of any dispute as to whether the rights or privileges of the Citizens of The Republic may have been affected or varied or whether any material distinction has been created between the rights and duties of the Citizens of The Republic Unions the question shall be referred to the Citizens

XX Interpretation

In this Constitution, the following shall have the meaning here assigned to them, except where the context requires otherwise, viz.;
  1. The Republic' shall mean The Republic.
  2. 'The State' shall mean The Republic.
  3. 'An Officer of The Republic' shall mean a Citizen elected to a Republic Office by a General Republic Election.
  4. 'Official Notice' shall mean that notice from time to time designated by a General Meeting for the posting of official notices. Notices thus posted shall be deemed to have been given to every Citizen of The Republic.
  5. 'Special Resolution' shall mean a resolution passed by a majority of Citizens present and voting at any General Meeting.
  6. 'The Republic Resources' means the resources available for use of The Republic as listed in a schedule from time to time between the Citizens and The Republic.